7 Fitness Equipment to Shrink the Stomach

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7 Fitness Equipment to Shrink the Stomach

29/09/2020 Fitness Program 0

Health is a crucial problem that should be considered by everyone. The problem is, not everyone has a high awareness of maintaining health. Instead of exercising, they prefer to enjoy fatty foods, more often drink soft drinks and so forth.As a result, fat in the body accumulates and causes a distended stomach. Though a distended stomach is not a characteristic of a healthy body. In addition, of course, the distended abdomen will also reduce your self-confidence. So that the stomach is slim and flat as before, you can do the physical exercise using fitness equipment to shrink the stomach as we recommend the following.

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Have a dream to shrink the stomach in just a short time. Of course, it is not impossible to get it. You simply follow the following movements, of course, if you do it consistently, you will get a perfectly flat stomach ideal.


You may have done squat movements or even often do it on the sidelines of sports. Squat to shrink the stomach is different from ordinary squats. You must add a heavyweight from the dumbbell or barbell to improve the performance of the arm and stomach muscles. Squat movements must be varied, don’t just try front squats. Also, do back squat to help stimulate the performance of the hamstrings muscles.

When doing one squat move, indirectly you have stimulated the performance of all muscles in the body. However, the part of the muscle that works more and often is the lower body muscles starting from the stomach. The more often you squat, the more active muscle tissue.

Besides being good for fat burning, squat training will help improve the body’s metabolic system. Perfect for those of you who are often sick, especially when there is a change in the weather. The use of barbells as a fitness tool to shrink the stomach can you start if your body is really ready. That is, the body is able to do squat movements smoothly and correctly. The barbell or dumbbell that is used must weigh according to your ability. Don’t force yourself by using super heavy barbells for the first practice.

Bench Press

Besides squats, the other most popular and widely recommended exercise by fitness instructors is the Bench Press. The bench press is believed to not only be able to burn belly fat but is also good for building chest muscles. Not much different from squats, variations of bench press exercises are also very much. Call it a flat bench press that works well for middle chest muscle exercises. Meanwhile, there is also what is known as an incline bench press to help tighten the upper chest muscles.

The bench press application will be more ideal if you apply a fitness tool to shrink the stomach like a dumbbell or barbell. Do a bench press exercise with the position of the hand holding one of these tools. Not only pay attention to the position of the barbell, but you also have to pay attention to posture when doing the bench press. The body must remain stable in order to avoid muscle injury. Therefore, it is very important for beginners to ask for guidance from a fitness instructor while exercising.

Reverse Bent Over Row

Activating the abdominal muscle tissue will help burn fat in the stomach. A distended stomach that bothers you little by little will disappear. The best exercises to build abdominal and back muscles by doing a reverse bent over row. Many believe that this exercise will be a harmonizing exercise from the bench press that has been applied.

 Also, use barbells to support training.

When practicing reverse bent over row using a barbell and doing a wider grip then the muscle tissue that works a lot is the latismus Dorsi muscle. As for physical training with a narrow grip, the body muscles that will work more are none other than the rhomboids muscles.


Still with the barbell as a supporting fitness tool to shrink the stomach, do a deadlift movement. You can combine deadlift with other exercises so you don’t get bored quickly. In addition to activating lower body muscles and core muscles, this exercise also works very well to form shoulder muscles. So that the body does not get injured when doing deadlift movements with a very heavy barbell, use straps.


If a squat jump or power clean with a barbell will help shrink the stomach, crunch training will provide the same experience. Crunch is a sit-up motion that is applied together with a barbell. So when doing sit-ups, your hands are not empty but holding heavy barbells. To accommodate this exercise, the fitness equipment you need is a mattress and a barbell. When trying to crunch, make sure that the body is supine and knees are bent. Hold the barbell and lift it up, don’t forget to also raise your back and head. Perform this movement several times until you have had enough. Interestingly, crunch movements can also be done at home. What needs to be prepared is the two fitness equipment mentioned earlier namely the mat and the barbell or dumbbell.

Russian Twist

The best fitness exercises that help burn fat, especially abdominal fat on the side and top are Russian twist. Fitness equipment that you can use to support this exercise is enough barbell or dumbbell. The training technique is almost as easy as crunch. First, take a sitting position on the mat with both hands holding a barbell. Move the barbell to the left then to the right side, so it’s easier to make sure to also choose a small barbell to do this Russian twist exercise.

For perfect results where stomach muscles are formed and stubborn fat disappears. Do Russian twist regularly. Do a minimum of 12 times in four rounds. You can do a combination of movements to form other muscle tissue. Each fitness exercise has its own point of difficulty. With the hope of having a healthy body and a flat stomach. For that, you should be able to challenge yourself by trying it. The above have mentioned seven good fitness exercises to build abdominal muscles while burning belly fat.

If you want positive results, don’t hesitate to combine the exercises above and do them regularly. If you are still unsure of the correct movements, ask for guidance from the fitness instructor. And after mastering movement after movement, you can try fitness training with a fitness tool to shrink the stomach whether it’s a barbell or a dumbbell.